BERTs for 100Gbit and PAM-4 400Gbit Ethernet

C-BERT 2860-2

The C-BERT MI-PE2860-2 is the easiest to use characterization solution for 25/28Gb/s Transceiver modules and TOSA/ROSA. The built-in optical reference transmitter and receiver guarantee repeatable, comparable and reliable test results.

Unique PAM-4 optical BERT

The PAM-4 optical BERT for ROSA testing
with excellent 26GBaud optical PAM-4 output signal

PAM4optBERT26GBaud3and BER testing in real time.

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C-BERT 2850-4

 Award Winning 100Gbit optical BERT.
Four build-in stablized optical transmitter
with uniform performance enable
repeatable ROSA testing.


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Munich-Instruments designs and manufactures multi channel Bit-Error-Ratio test instruments for 100Gbit and 200Gbit Ethernet.
The products are engineered and manufactured in Germany.