Visit us at ECOC 2019 in Dublin in booth 639


8 channel PAM-4 BERT for your QSFP-DD 400G testing.

Take advantage of the excellent PAM-4 signals and the full range of test pattern.
Accelerate your product development.

World’s first PAM-4 optical BERT

PAM-4 optical BERT for ROSA testing
with excellent 26 GBaud optical PAM-4 output signal

PAM4optBERT26GBaud3and BER testing in real time.
Make your optical Receiver test professional.

Simplify stressed Receiver test

All in one solution for 100G
optical stressed Receiver sensitivity test.
Optical BERT with Jitter and Amplitude interferer injection. Tx VECP and Jitter measurement is integrated.
Simplify your IEEE stressed Receiver test.

We are at ECOC 2019 in Dublin in booth 639

Munich-Instruments designs and manufactures multi channel Bit-Error-Ratio tester for 100 Gbit and 400 Gbit Ethernet.
We are specialized for optical BERTs.
The products are engineered and manufactured in Germany.