The worlds's first 100Gbit optical BERT

Key Features

  • Simultaneous for channel BER testing
  • 4x 24 up to 30 Gb/s data rate
  • Build-in MZ-Modulators transmitters
  • Full BERT eye scan
  • Auto and manual decision point alignment
  • User interface via Ethernet
  • All in one compact 1U 19" box


  • 100G Ethernet 4 channel ROSA
  • Multi-lane optical receiver
  • Reseach and Development
  • Production

The C-BERT 2850-4 is an innovative bit error rate tester which solves accuracy issues in testing 100G Ethernet multi-lane optical receiver. To achieve repeatable and confident test results four long-term stable optical transmitters with uniform output performance are integrated in the 2850-4. The four  Mach-Zehnder Modulators  are driven direct from the internal pattern generators and are stabilized by advanced control circuits without output signal degradations. As a result of this unique architecture the 2850-4 produces high quality and long-term stable signals for improved measurement accuracy.
The innovative C-BERT 2850-4 is a very powerful, time saving and cost efficient solution for 100G Ethernet multi-lane optical receiver and ROSA testing.

C-BERT MI-PE2850-4 Product sheet rev06