All in one solution for stressed optical receiver sensitivity test

Key Features

  • Date rate 24 to 30 Gbit/s NRZ
  • Built-in optical reference transmitter
  • Jitter and amplitude interferer injection
  • Jitter analysis with Bathtub (TJ, DJ, RJ)
  • Full BERT eye scan (eye height and eye width)
  • Enables VECP and J2 calibration of opt. Tx acc. IEEE
  • Built-in linear optical receiver
  • Full programmable


  • Stressed optical Receiver sensitivity test
  • VECP and J2 calibration of opt. Tx signal
  • Silicon Phonics receiver test

Stressed receiver sensitivity test set-up with C-BERT 2961-1.

The The C-BERT 2861-2 is the ideal test instrument for optical receiver sensitivity test

The C-BERT 2861-2 enables the calibration of the optical Transmitter signal for stressed receiver sensitivity test acc. IEEE.
With the built-in linear optical receiver the OMA and the contour amplitude at BER=2.5E-4 is measured to calculate the VECP (vertical eye closure penalty). The amount of Jitter injection is calibrated with the Bathtub measurement capability of J2 and J9.

Stressed Tx signal calibration

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