C-BERT - powerful and affordable

Key Features

  • Four independent channels 24 up to 30 Gb/s data rate
  • Built-in reference clock synthesizer
  • Built-in clock and data recovery (CDR)
  • Simultaneous four channel BER testing
  • Differential data outputs
  • Auto and manuel decision point alignment
  • PRBS patterns length 7, 9, 15, 23, 31 and user defined pattern
  • User interface via Ethernet on standard web browser
  • PPG & ED in cost efficient and one space saving 1U 19” box


  • All-in-one 4 channel devices 100G Ethernet testing
  • CFP2 Transceiver
  • Four channel TOSA & ROSA
  • Active Optical Cable AOC
  • Reseach, Development, Production

Fast and effective 100Gbit Ethernet testing

The C-BERT 2810-4 is a complete bit error rate tester dedicated for 100G Ethernet applications. The four independent channels enable an actual operating environment with traffic on all lanes. The simultaneous testing of 4 channels is much faster than testing each channel individually saving time and money. The BERT eye scan reveals low-probability events and shows the true performance of the DUT to aid troubleshooting. The high RF port density eliminates long cable length which degrades the signal at 25 Gb/s. The OS independent GUI is easy to install and enable remote control from everywhere. The complete and compact C-BERT is a powerful and cost efficient test solution for 100G Ethernet.
C-BERT MI-PE2810-4 Product sheet_rev05.