PAM-4 ROSA testing made simple

Key Features

  • 24 to 30 GBaud PAM-4 and NRZ mode
  • Pattern generator with integrated optical PAM-4 modulator
  • Optical PAM-4 output signal with adjustable OMA
  • 3-Eye BER measurement in real time
  • All IEEE802.3bs & OIF CEI-56G pattern
  • PRBS pattern length 7, 9, 13, 15, 23, 31
  • PRBS13Q & PRBS31Q
  • User programmable pattern


  • ROSA testing
  • Photonic integrated chip (PIC)
  • System evaluation
  • Reseach and production

 PAM-4 ROSA testing made simple

The MI-PE5610-1 is a PAM-4  BERT with an integrated propriety, optical PAM-4 modulator. ROSA testing is tremebous simpliefied by the integration of the optical PAM-4 modulator in the BERT chassis. This ROSA testing solution saves time and avoids trouble shooting and accelerates your product development. The BERT provides an excellent optical PAM-4 reference output signal with adjustable OMA of the three PAM-4 eyes.
The implemented 3-Eye BER technique measures the BER in real time of the 3 eyes simultanously.
A wide range of selectable pattern for compliance test and signal analysis is supported.

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