C-BERT 2860-2 - Multi interface BERT for flexible testing and debugging

Key Features

  • Dual channel optical / electrical BER testing
  • up to 2 lanes from 24 to 30 Gb/s
  • Built-in optical reference transmitter
  • Built-in optical linear reference receiver
  • Integrated low jitter clock source
  • Clock and data recovery (CDR)
  • Recovered clock and PPG trigger output
  • Full BERT eye scan diagram
  • User interface via Ethernet
  • Full programmable by any lab software


  • TOSA & ROSA testing
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Active Optical Cable (AOC)
  • Research, Development and Production

The C-BERT 2860-2 has all tools integrated for successful debugging and testing of TOSA, ROSA and Transceivers. The Multi-Interface BERT solves the issue to provide an optical reference transmitter and an optical reference receiver to test TOSA and ROSA modules. A built-in Mach-Zehnder Modulator provides an excellent modulated optical output signal to ensure reliable test results. The high sensitive linear receiver converts ther optical input signal into an electrical signal without degradation. To cover all application cases the 2860-2 has in addition one differential electrical output and one differential electrical input. Customers can select a combination of interfaces to adapt the C-BERT for their own test requirements. All you need is the easy to use Multi-Interface BERT from Munich-Instruments.

C-BERT MI-PE2860-2 Product sheet rev04