Clock Recovery 26 and 53 GBaud PAM-4 & NRZ

Key Features

  • Date Rates 24 to 29 GBaud | 48 to 58 GBaud
  • PAM4 and NRZ
  • High Input Sensivity
  • Low Jitter of Recovered Clock
  • Adjustable Loop Filter Settings
  • Recovered Clock Frequency Measurement
  • Adjustable Input Equalizer (CTLE)
  • Optical Input Option, 850nm to 1550nm


  • Oscilloscope Trigger Signal Generation
  • 100G / 200G /400G Transceiver Validation
  • QSFP-DD 200/400G Transceiver Testing
  • RF Frequency Measurement

The MI-C56 Clock Recovery Unit enables the clean eye measurement of the received signal of an optical or electrical transmission link. Only a single-ended input signal is needed. The CR Unit delivers a high quality recovered clock signal at full speed as well as a divided clock signal for Oscilloscope or Analyzer trigger purposes. A Lock Indication and frequency measurement of the recovered clock signal is available.

The optional available high sensitive optical Input enables the measurement from an optical transmission line by using an optical tab.