Best Signal Quality in Class


8 channel PAM-4 BERT for your QSFP-DD 400G testing.

Take advantage of the excellent PAM-4 signals and the full range of test pattern.
Accelerate your product development.

World’s first PAM-4 optical BERT

PAM-4 optical BERT for ROSA testing
with excellent 26 GBaud optical PAM-4 output signal

PAM4optBERT26GBaud3and BER testing in real time.
Make your optical Receiver test professional.

Clock Recovery 53 GBaud

CR for 26 and 53 GBaud for PAM-4 & NRZ

Clean up your clock!
A must for PAM-4 eye testing.
Get a super clean clock from very noisy PAM-4 signals.
Optical input also available.

Munich-Instruments designs and manufactures multi channel Bit-Error-Ratio Testers for 100, 200, & 400 Gigabit Ethernet Ports.
We are specialized on BERTs with integrated Optical Interfaces.
The products are engineered and manufactured in Germany.