C-BERT 2840-4 - powerful and affortable TOSA testing

Key Features

  • Simultaneous four channel BER testing
  • Data rate 24 up to 30 Gb/s
  • 4 differential data outputs up to 1V
  • Four optical SMF inputs
  • Built-in linear optical receiver
  • Clock and data recovery (CDR)
  • Recovered clock & trigger output
  • PRBS pattern length 7, 9, 15, 23, 31
  • Full BERT eye scan diagram
  • Full programmable by lab software


  • 100GbE 4 channel devices
  • TOSA
  • EML, VCSEL, Optical Modulator
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Reseach, Development & Production


Fast and effective 100 Gbit Ethernet optical transmitter (TOSA) testing

The C-BERT 2840-4 is a new kind of bit error rate tester for 100G Ethernet optical transmitters and TOSA. The new test instrument has four built-in optical to electrical receivers to provide an optical reference receiver functionality in the BERT. The optical receivers have 4th order Bessel-Thomson characteristics to perform a compliance eye mask tests with the fast BERT eye scan mode of the C-BERT. In addition the OMA and the extinction ration are extracted from the four BERT eye scan diagrams and the detector current. The vertical eye width and eye height are measured at a given bit error rate is as well. The C-BERT 2840-4 combines four pattern generators, optical reference receivers and eye mask testers in one compact instrument to eliminate expensive sampling oscilloscopes and to implement a fast and cost efficient transmitter test solution in production and lab.

C-BERT MI-PE2840-4 Product sheet rev04