Thomas Neuner

Thomas StandManaging Director Thomas Neuner is founder and owner of Munich-Instruments. Thomas is in charge of hard- and software development. In over twenty five years in the Telecommunication and the Fiber Optics industry he has gained a broad range of Know-How and experience in the development of complex systems, powerful linecards and advance components. He is specialist in mixed signal board design and RF measurements in time and frequency domain. In his carrier he was with leading technology companies such as CoreOptics AG (now Cisco) and ADVA Optical Network AG where he was involved in the development of new components for 10Gbit/s and 40Gbit/s transmission systems. Previously he was sixteen years with Information and Communication Networks (ICN) of the SIEMENS AG in Munich. He holds the Diploma in Telecommunication and Radio Frequency of the Technische University Munich.