Solving High-Speed Design Challenges



Try & Error is not successful for Multi-Gigabit designs. Our design method is to build
virtual prototypes in professional RF simulation tools and evaluate the performance
before expensive hardware is manufactured. What are the benefits of this produkt development process?

  •       Less expensive
  •       First Pass success very likely
  •       Faster to market
  •       Tweaking out more performance and margin
  •       More innovation by creating a broader range of design alternatives

Take advantage of our efficient design process and develop your next product with ix-cad.

IX-CAD is specialized on Fiber Optic and RF package design was well as Multi-Gigabit serial interconnect design. We bring the RF performance from the chip through the package to the board and forward to the next device.

Full RF-Path simulation

With Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) we analyze the complete chip-to-chip link, revealing the underlying problems, eliminating Signal Integrity problems and ensuring compliant designs. Example for download: “High Speed Signal Path Design for 40 Gbps”. Find the discipline you need for your design challenge:

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