Fiber Optic and RF Package

Ever increasing data rates, higher channel counts, smaller form factors and closer line proximity continue to make package designs ever more challenging. IX-CAD has the Know-How and the  simulation tools integrated in Agilent’s ADS to design and verify the RF performance of the package prior to manufacturing.
In many cases optoelectronic packages are hermetic packages. Our partner for hermetic packages is SCHOTT Electronic Packaging.

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging and ix-cad Collaboration

SCHOTT and ix-cad have shared their vision regarding the need of cost effective, hermetic sealed packages for very high speed Fiber Optics components.
This collaboration leverages SCHOTT’s expertise in developing and manufacturing reliable, hermetic packages and combines that expertise with the advanced circuit and EM simulation capability from IX-CAD. SCHOTT and IX-CAD have defined a common design flow to achieve highest quality within short development time. The first 10Gbit/s TO46 header in the world and joint patents are results of this partnership.

The partnership offers customers the opportunity to design an entire customized package solution from the opto-electronic converter to the host board.

Your Benefits

  •  RF package design expertise
  •  Package technology Know How
  •  Design of the entire package solution
    • Power integrity analysis
    • RF path from chip to host board
    • Evaluation-Board design
    • Hardware verification test

 Our equipment

  •  Advanced Design System (ADS)
  •  Ansoft’s HFSS
  •  Sampling Oscilloscope with TDR
  •  BERT for 10, 25 and 28 Gbit/s

Our Spectrum

  •  Multichip module package (MCM)
  •  Complex multilayer ceramic package
  •  TO-header design
  •  Bond wire interconnection
  •  Flip Chip and BGA assemblies
  •  RF feedthroughs
  •  Package – PCB interconnect
  •  Package resonances (Eigenmoden)

Package Design