High Speed Boards

Continuous increasing data rate require new layout methodology to avoid signal integrity problems. The board becomes part of the circuit and signal traces have to be treated as components. Impedance control is a must to ensure signal integrity. We have the RF Know How and the professional tools to predict the performance of the board early in the design cycle. Typically we achieve first pass success. Contact us to benefit from the IX-CAD Know-How.

Your Benefits

  • Fundamental RF Know How
  • Long Experience with High Speed Boards
  • Impedance calculation of all kind of line types
  • Computer optimized via design
  • Exact Simulation of Signal Run Time
  • Reflection and Cross-Talk Simulation
  • Typical first Pass Success
  • Consulting in PCB Technology
  • Verification by Measurements

Our equipment

  • Cadence OrCAD Capture and PCB Designer (compatible to Allegro)
  • Advanced Design System (ADS) with the powerful 2.5D Momentum simulator and 3D simulator
  • Sampling Oscilloscopes with TDR
  • Bit Error Rate Generator 3.2, 10 and 25 Gbit/s

Our Spectrum

  • RF Board Layouts up to 28 Gbit/s
  • Pre and Post Layout Simulation
  • Impedance controlled Vias up to 15 GHz
  • Constraint driven Design Rules

High Speed Boards