EM Field Simulation

To develop innovative solutions and high performance products electro-magnetic field simulations is a must for RF components. The inside knowledge of the EM-field enable solutions which seem to be impossible before. With over 10 year’s experiences in 3D EM-field simulations and with our professional simulation tools we accomplish this task. Contact us with us to benefit from the ix-cad Know How.

Your Benefits

  • Long Experience in EM Field Simulations
  • Components with arbitrary Geometry
  • Packages, Sockets and Adapter
  • Connectors & Transitions to planar waveguides
  • Waveguides, Coupler & Filter
  • Output of S-, Y-, Z-Parameter
  • E- & H-Fields Plots
  • Verification by measurements

Our equipment

  • Ansoft’s HFSS 3D EM Simulator
  • Agilent’s ADS with 3D EM Simulator with integrated layout tool
  • Networkanalyzer and TDR Scopes

Our Spectrum

  • Connectors (Coax & Multi-Pin)
  • Multi-layer Ceramic Packages (LTCC / HTCC)
  • Multi-Chip and MMIC Packages
  • QFN Packages
  • Complex waveguides and transitions
  • Vias up to 30 GHz
  • Extraction broadband spice models

EM Simulation